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tUartConfig Struct Reference

Uart configuration. More...

Data Fields

uint32_t dwBaudrate
tUartDataBit eDataBit
tUartParity eParity
tUartStopBit eStopBit
uint16_t wError
uint16_t wReserved1
uint16_t wReserved2
uint16_t wReserved3
uint16_t wReserved4

Detailed Description

Uart configuration.

Field Documentation

◆ dwBaudrate

uint32_t dwBaudrate

Baud rate precision in percentage. An error is indicated if it is not possible to get baud rate within indicated tolerance.

◆ eDataBit

tUartDataBit eDataBit

Data bits number

◆ eParity

tUartParity eParity

Type of parity

◆ eStopBit

tUartStopBit eStopBit

Number of stop bits

◆ wError

uint16_t wError

Allowed deviation in percentage

◆ wReserved1

uint16_t wReserved1

Reserved for future use

◆ wReserved2

uint16_t wReserved2

Reserved for future use

◆ wReserved3

uint16_t wReserved3

Reserved for future use

◆ wReserved4

uint16_t wReserved4

Reserved for future use