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tRTCValue Struct Reference

RTC values. More...

Data Fields

uint16_t wDay
uint16_t wDayOfWeek
uint16_t wHour
uint16_t wMinute
uint16_t wMonth
uint16_t wSecond
uint16_t wStructSize
uint16_t wYear

Detailed Description

RTC values.

Field Documentation

◆ wDay

uint16_t wDay

Day from 1 to 31

◆ wDayOfWeek

uint16_t wDayOfWeek

Day of the week (0>sunday, ...)

◆ wHour

uint16_t wHour

Hour from 0 to 23

◆ wMinute

uint16_t wMinute

Minutes from 0 to 59

◆ wMonth

uint16_t wMonth

Month from 1 to 12

◆ wSecond

uint16_t wSecond

Second from 0 to 59

◆ wStructSize

uint16_t wStructSize

Size of tRTCValue

◆ wYear

uint16_t wYear

Year from 0 to 99