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tCanPeriodicMsg Struct Reference

Periodic message. More...

Data Fields

tCanMsg hCanMsg
uint16_t wOffset
uint16_t wParam

Detailed Description

Periodic message.

Field Documentation

◆ hCanMsg

tCanMsg hCanMsg


◆ wOffset

uint16_t wOffset

Index of the periodic message [0-15]. The application disposes of 16 periodic messages. This parameter corresponds to the index of the message the application wish to access. Note: these 16 messages are treated independently.

◆ wParam

uint16_t wParam

Massage's parameter

  • Bit 0: Periodic message operating indicator
    • 0: The periodic message is inactivated
    • 1: The periodic message is activated (start or update of the periodic)
  • Bit 1:End of transmissions ascent indicator. For the sake of performance, it is not systematically needed for an application to receive the end of transmission events linked to the periodic messages emission.
    • 0: End of transmissions didn't send to the application
    • 1: End of transmissions sent to the application